FPCRO Sanctuary

Worship helps us praise God. Worship invites us to make meaning of our lives in light of God's message to us in scripture. Worship points us toward Jesus Christ and his way of love. 

  • Our worship each week is focused on a particular scripture reading and the season of the church year. 

  • We give thanks for God's grace, which is given to each person freely, before they can even understand it. We respond to God in gratitude. 

  • In worship, we hear a variety of voices reading scripture, sharing their stories, and singing praise to God. Children are welcome in all aspects of worship, though childcare is also provided for those who prefer it, as well as Sunday school classes.

  • Whether you are a lifelong Christian or simply seeking a way to connect with your spirituality, you are welcome here.


For past worship services, follow our Vimeo page.