The Good Book Nook


The Good Book Nook will open in the fall of 2022! This special space, located inside our church at the end of the staff office hallway, will offer a comfy spot for young children and their families to enjoy great books in a welcoming atmosphere. We have already purchased over 300 books for the space, focusing on titles that offer a welcoming message for all kinds of people in all life situations. While this space will not offer check-out of the books, we know it will have a wealth of stories to offer, both familiar and fresh. Research shows that reading to kids is one of the most important ways to set them up for success in learning and in school. But reading is also such a clear way to demonstrate our love and devotion.


Once open, we invite you to come to FPCRO and visit the Good Book Nook!
We envision:

  • Moms hanging out in the space together after preschool drop off

  • Grandpa bringing his toddler grandchild in for an hour to read a few
    favorite stories

  • Coming to the Good Book Nook on a rainy day as a way to get out of the house

  • Finding a space without many other folks to feel safe while on an outing

  • New parents enjoying the room as a nice spot to nurse or feed the baby while the toddler looks at books

  • Dads stopping in with the child in the stroller while on a walk around
    the neighborhood


​This exciting project was made possible by a grant given to the church by an anonymous donor who wants to support our congregation in actively serving
our community. Please contact the church if you have questions or want to know more about the Good Book Nook grand opening and regular hours.