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Backyard Playroom

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Welcome to the Backyard Playroom @ FPCRO!

The Backyard Playroom is a program offered to the community by First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak (FPCRO) which offers a safe, indoor environment for children ages five (5) and below to play under parental or guardian supervision.


In 2016, the original Backyard Playroom was born at Cana Lutheran Church in Berkley where it served the community for eight years. In 2024, the Backyard Playroom moved across Woodward Avenue to its new home. FPCRO now welcomes families to play in Royal Oak, and hosts other events in the space to promote community and wellness.

Upon your arrival, you will be asked to fill out a Liability Waiver as a once-a-year safety requirement. We do this to have the parent/guardian’s information in case of an emergency. We ask that all snacks be kept outside of the Backyard Playroom itself, and instead be eaten in the Check-in Room across the hallway. Drinks which go into the Playroom should have a lid. We require all children to remove their shoes (unless there is a physical reason not to) before playing in the Backyard Playroom. We only ask the adults to remove their shoes if there is inclement weather.


The Backyard Playroom is free for families to access during our regular hours. Our intention is to keep the space free and accessible, which relies on donations from the people who love and value this community resource. Consider making a donation each time you visit, or a larger donation once a month or once per year. A QR code is available, or speak to our Backyard Playroom Coordinator for information on making a gift. Snacks are available for $1.00, and coffee for $2.00, which supports the availability of these items, as well as the operation of the Backyard Playroom.

On weekends, let us host your child’s birthday party, baptism, or christening celebration, or family get-together in the Backyard Playroom spaces! The capacity for our Backyard Playroom spaces is 50in total, including children.

Thank you for choosing the Backyard Playroom to come play!

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