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We welcome all to worship and we pray that you feel the presence of Christ through the service. Don't hesitate to contact the pastor with questions before your visit or after you attend. We invite you to worship in-person or worship online with us anytime and to view past services to get a feel for our style of worship. Know that the leadership of the church takes virus mitigation and safety measures seriously, and the congregation is doing it all it can to keep the whole community safe. 

What to Wear

God’s house does not have a dress code. Feel free to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. You’ll see worshippers wear everything from casual clothes to dresses or suits during worship services. Come as you are!



FPCRO has three parking lots. The “west lot” is on Hendrie Boulevard, the “east lot” is on W. 6th Street, and the “north lot” is on S. Pleasant Street. Ample parking for individuals with mobility challenges is available in the “east lot” on W. 6th Street and the "west lot" on Hendrie Boulevard.


Entering the Church Building

Sunday mornings a receptionist is in the Christian Education Lobby (at the “east lot” entrance) to greet visitors and make all who enter our doors feel welcome. The receptionist can direct you to the chapel or sanctuary. Greeters are also available to answer questions.


Worship Services

Communion is served the first Sunday of the month, and all are welcome at the Lord’s Table! To participate from home, simply have bread or cracker and something to fill your cup. For in-person services, as you enter the chapel or sanctuary you will be greeted by an usher who will provide you with a worship bulletin. During each worship service a Friendship Pad is passed for all worshippers to sign to get to know the names of those seated around you. We invite visitors to leave us some contact information so that we can reach out to later in the week and send you a small welcome gift.


Children and Childcare

At worship services, children are welcome to remain in worship and/or to use our nursery or attend Sunday school. We have a Prayground in our sanctuary, which is a dedicated space for children and families to feel comfortable during worship, offering quiet activities, books, and seating for children as they absorb the service in their own way.

Childcare is available in the nursery for infants, toddlers and preschoolers for those who prefer it during the 10:30am morning worship service. Pagers are provided to parents, and please let us know if your child has food allergies. For directions to our nursery, please check with the receptionist. Diaper changing tables are available in the narthex bathroom just outside the sanctuary, in the Girls' preschool bathroom near the nursery, and in the nursery itself.  


What Happens After Church?

After worship services on a designated Sunday of the month, please join us for refreshments and fellowship in Kirkman Fellowship Hall, located downstairs (an elevator is available). Restrooms are located in the sanctuary narthex, Kirkman Fellowship Hall, and the Christian Education Lobby.

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