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The Forging Faith Podcast Electronic Press Kit (EPK)


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If needed, please contact Sally Gilreath or Pastor Emma Nickel for assistance.


We are a dynamic, Christ-centered, family-friendly church located just off Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak. We welcome all who seek meaning in their lives and who wonder about the gifts of God. We approach our faith ready to ask questions and with enough courage to share our doubts. People of all backgrounds, traditions, and orientations are invited and welcome to join us on the journey.

When Spirituality and Life Collide

First Presbyterian Church has launched a new podcast that explores the impact that life-changing events, such as a divorce or a cancer diagnosis, have on people’s faith. Pastor Emma Nickel talks to church members, friends, and a Christian author about a range of challenges that they have faced, including parenting a child dealing with depression and the complicated journey of adopting a baby. The conversations show why it’s ok to be angry with God and how to find joy and meaning even in the midst of difficult experiences. The stories remind listeners that the journey of faith rarely follows a straight path.

Forging Faith invites listeners to engage faith outside the four walls of a church on their own schedule. Seekers, church-shoppers, and lifelong Christians will hear how faith is stretched and shaped when people encounter the challenges life deals them.

Key Guests

Episode 1: Sharon - Faith Meets Cancer

Episode 2: Benny - Finding God in a New Country

Episode 3: Reverend MaryAnn McKibben Dana, author of
Hope: A User’s Manual-Faith Meets Depression 

Episode 4: Kevin - Values Over Profit

Episode 5: Amy - Faith Meets Divorce

Episode 6: Mike - Seeking a Path to God

Episode 7: Rev. Emma Nickel - Making Faith Matter: A Conversation with Pastor Emma Nickel

Episodes and Links

Episode 1 Faith Meets Cancer

Episode 2 Finding God in a New Country

Episode 3 Faith Meets Depression

Episode 4 Values Over Profit

Episode 5 Faith Meets Divorce

Episode 6 Seeking a Path to God

Episode 7 Making Faith Matter: A Conversation with Pastor Emma Nickel


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